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    Your post makes me cry. I had a similar situation with my Mom in a local facility.

    I checked on her everyday in fact three to four times a day.

    My Mom had been found outside the facility twice. One Friday evening after work I stopped to check on her. The nurse met me and told me that my Mom was moved to a room farthest from the nurses station. The old room of a man who was found in my Mom’s room and she was found naked from the waist up.

    This room was also next to the fire exit that could not be locked. I expressed my concern and demanded they not move her. THe Nurse responded that there was nothing they could do and to have her moved to another room I would need to contact the person that authorized the move.

    I continued to insist but there was nothing I could do.

    This facility contacted me on my cell for things like my Mom was sleeping in her roommates bed. They didn’t know I was a block way. So I ran in and yes my Mom was sleeping in her roommates bed; however, there were no sheets on her bed.

    I went outside her room found the linen cart grabbed some linens walked past three employees and no one questioned what I was doing.

    I made the bed, gently woke my Mom and moved her to her bed.

    Well the Saturday after the room move that I would not agree to and they did anyway I received a call on my home phone not my cell. I was running errands and was close by but needed to get home because of frozen and refrigerated groceries I had purchased. I planned on checking on her later that day so I could spend more time.

    When I got home the message was to call them. I called and they said they found her on the floor between the fire doors and I needed to come and take her to the hospital.

    I flew to the facility and found her dressed in a wheelchair in front of the nurses desk and no one around. She was crying and said she hurt herself really bad and asked me if she would ever walk again.

    I found a nurse and demanded to know what happened she said she fell and I needed to take her. I questioned why they didn’t call an ambulance. She said your here just take her.

    I told her I couldn’t and wouldn’t put her in my car. They called a handicap van.

    I finally get her to the hospital the nurse that was checking her in said oh my gosh the dressed her after she was in this chair, look. I did it made me sick.

    My Mom had a severely fractured hip and they picked her up from the floor dressed her called me to take her to the hospital just to save them from reporting an incident.

    Mom had emergency surgery Sunday morning and was never the same after all this trauma.

    I got a lawyer but they would take the case because they would only receive about $50,000.00.

    I told them I food not care about the money I was fighting for all the voiceless people who have no one close by to check on them.

    I told them to keep all the money it wasn’t about money. They refused.

    I put Mom in the facility because when I went to buy bread and milk she remembered she needed bread and milk and tried to walk to the store. A police officers who knows me found her and said she didn’t even know her name and called me to take her home.

    I paid $190.00 a day for care that if it was in humane shelter would have been closed for abuse.

    How can we treat our elders this way.

    Thank you for caring.