Allison Pieter

Allison Pieter is an independent event producer. Her career spans nearly two decades producing high‐ profile corporate, entertainment, social, and fundraising events. She has extensive experience throughout the United States in a variety of industries, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non‐profit organizations to well‐known celebrities. Her capabilities include all aspects of event planning: strategy, concept, design, budgeting, contract negotiation, vendor management, branding, logistics, programming, production, sponsorship activation, and media and talent relations.

When you engage Allison, her passion and skill for producing events enable you to focus on moving your business forward, knowing any event she touches will be a success. Whether working on strategy, large‐scale conferences, client retreats, promotional parties, leadership summits, awards shows, concerts, or fundraising galas, she thrives on seeing all the elements come together for that “wow” moment.

Allison is adept at working throughout complex organizations, specifically in collaborating with senior and executive level management to meet and exceed goals and expectations. Some examples include:  

  • Spearheading all corporate meetings and events for Clear Channel Media & Entertainment for nearly a decade
  • Launching a new division of a Fortune 500 company with a series of nationwide events
  • Creating a meeting and event solutions department for a leading media company designed to centralize sourcing and negotiations to increase leverage and streamline costs
  • Leading the team which produced one of the initial primetime web broadcasts for a Democratic National Convention
  • Producing client‐focused events for notable personalities such as Ryan Seacrest, Steve Harvey, Rush Limbaugh, Nikki Sixx and Glenn Beck

Throughout her career, Pieter has planned hundreds of events and her clients have included DreamWorks, Microsoft, Universal Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, Equinox, WebMD, Yahoo!, Mitsubishi, AOL, and National Radio Hall of Fame.

Julie Belshe

Hello, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Julie L. Belshe. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I studied psychology in College up in Northern California. Decided to become a hairdresser, what better profession to listen to people’s lives and make them feel Beautiful at the same time. I come from a family of five. 

Let’s get started! “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” by Lao-Tzu. I choose not be a victim but a survivor and to reach out and assist people among their journey in the Guardianship Arena. Finding my purpose at 48 years old was the biggest gift that god or my higher power has ever given to me, not saying that hasn’t come with plenty of sorrow as well!

My Parent’s were legally kidnapped from their home on the golf course in August of 2013. I lived 10 miles from them and have always been close as life has them. I also am blessed to have a husband of 30 years and 3 Young men that make my heart sing, most of the time. At the beginning of my story it was Labor Day Weekend of 2013 and we had plans to go and visit my Parent’s but nobody was picking up their phone. I was shocked to the core of my being because my Mother was in a wheel chair and normally was home. I decided it was time to take a drive and make sure that My Parent’s were ok? Their home was locked up tighter than a drum. I noticed something was wrong, little suspect items, such as the windows in the middle of the afternoon closed, blinds closed the wrong way. I walked around their home and got a gut wrenching feeling that my Parent’s were kidnapped. I phoned hospitals, facilities, and other people that my Parent’s knew. Nobody knew where they were on this Labor Day Weekend? I continued to drive out to their home for the next 3 days and with no sign of any life and the newspapers piling up. Finally on Tuesday after the holiday a sign was placed on their door saying, “In case of Emergency contact Private Guardian and her phone number. That was the welcoming of my life 4 years ago into the Family Court and Guardianship Arena.

I can now say, after 26 months of visiting them their health was declining and it was my only hope to learn the law and represent my Parent’s Pro Per Se and fight with all of my might to get them out of this Private Guardianship. Good News came down finally at our court hearing and it was decided to restore their rights and they could go home. We now have had them with us for a year and a half. They have become healthier and happier in every sense of the word. We still are in court now and do have representation. I have now dedicated my life to supporting people that are experiencing the different stages of having one or more of their loved ones taken abruptly from their Families life. I proudly have found my second Family at Kasem Cares Foundation. I admire and love all of our team. I especially admire the dedication that Kerri Kasem has taken to start Kasem Cares Foundation. We’re here for you with love and support to offer our empathy and to the best of our ability share our knowledge to help you navigate through this nightmare.

I strongly urge you to share your story with us. Since this tragedy has occurred something in me always keeps me on my toes. Acknowledging that everything in life is temporary the cornerstone of my identity. I look forward to hearing from you and send my love and FAITH to all of us who are brought together by this atrocity of events. Keep the HOPE. With LOVE and HOPE, Julie…xo

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Tim Storey

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment executives, celebrities, and athletes to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries.
Along with a rigorous speaking calendar and private life-coaching sessions, Tim regularly appears on nationally syndicated radio and television shows and has hosted an exclusive Saturday morning series on SiriusXM Radio.
Tim also leads The Congregation Church in Pacentia, CA, which meets weekly and provides spiritual insight and direction for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and needs.

Kerri Kasem - Founder / President

Kerri Kasem is a multimedia personality, humanitarian and unrelenting freedom fighter. She is the preeminent advocate against elder abuse in the United States through her work , as founder of the Kasem Cares Foundation — a group that fight against unscrupulous guardians and family members that attempt to exploit ailing seniors and separate them from their loved ones. Due to her efforts, the groundbreaking Kasem Cares “Visitation Bill,” or a variation, has been passed in 21 states and counting, giving children of ailing parents the legal right to visit their parents for the first time in U.S. history. 

As a 23 year veteran of radio and television, Kerri has worked as a producer, writer and host of a multitude of programs throughout the U.S. and Asia. She has anchored music, talk and entertainment programs such as the Premier Radio Networks, Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, The Side Show Countdown, Gurvey’s Law on 790KABC. ABC’s Rising Star and Red Carpet Radio for Cumulus Media (heard and seen on 300 stations across the US), Get Mortgage Fit (heard on 170 stations),  the nationally syndicated Racing Rocks with Riki Rachtman, MTV US and MTV Asia, National Lampoon®, America's Funniest Home Videos, Coming Attractions on the E! Network, FOX News, SiTV’s The Rub and UFC programs Ultimate Knockouts 3Ultimate and Ultimate Knockouts for the UFC and SPIKE.
Kasem has made guest appearances on The View, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The Doctors, Piers Morgan, Good Day LA, Fox and Friends, Greta Van Susteren, and many others.
Among her many humanitarian awards, Kerri has won the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award and a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her foundation’s “dedication to fighting elder abuse and protecting the integrity of the family unit through advocacy.”  
For more information, please visit 

Kathleen Wright-Brawn - Chairman of the Board

Kathleen holds the title of Chairman of the Executive Board at Kasem Care. She is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of Wyatt, Wynnie and Dylan. She worked for the United States Postal service as a mail carrier and union representative for eight years negotiating with management for the rights of her co- workers.

In 1990 Kathy got involved with the self help movement attending many talks and conferences on sexual abuse, domestic violence and chemical dependency with speakers such as Depok Chopra,  and John Bradshaw. As a member of the Red Cross she helped hurricane Katrina victims by listening to their stories and obtaining clothes, medical attention and funds for lodgings.

During the Christmas of 2012 Kathy's father was taken by a caregiver “friend” who left no information on where they were going or when they'd be back. That was the start of her father’s 14 month isolation, abuse and eventual death at the hands of others. Not only did they isolate Kathy’s father from all family and friends, they stole his entire estate and changed his will leaving nothing to his 4 children or grandchildren. This led to her involvement in Kasem Cares and her position on the executive board of Kasem Cares.

For the last 2 years Kathy has lobbied the “Visitation Bill” speaking to dozens of Senators, Assembly Members, Delegates and State Representatives all over the country. She was an instrumental part of the successful passage of the bill in 8 states which helped earn Kasem Cares several awards including Congressional and State Assembly recognition.

Kathy personally helps victims who write in or call in to the Kasem Cares help line. She continues to push the “Kasem Cares Visitation Bill” forward in 2017 by lobbying 13 new states who have the bill currently going through their legislature.

Naz Barouti

naz_headshot.jpgNazanin “Naz” Barouti is a licensed California attorney and founding partner of Barouti Law Corporation located in Southern California with offices in Brentwood, Glendale, Irvine, San Diego, & Woodland Hills. She is admitted to practice before all California State Courts and the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Naz has extensive knowledge in the areas of advanced estate planning, business planning, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and asset protection. She has counseled individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with the preservation, management and transfer of wealth.

In addition to managing her own practice, Naz has become a rising legal analyst, public speaker and radio personality hosting her own show called Protecting Your Family on Talk Radio 790 KABC. Every week she is eager to share with listeners legal steps they can take to create, protect and transfer their wealth.

Naz has been featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and is a legal analyst for various syndicated radio shows throughout the United States.

Kelly Rooney

Kelly Rooney has been a hairdresser for almost forty years. She has a daughter Lacy who is thirty.
Kelly is the first daughter born to Mickey Rooney and Barbara Rooney, she  has three siblings. Kerry, Kimmy, Michael.
She is also an advocate for elder abuse, after she and her siblings became aware of their fathers elder abuse.
Towards the end of her fathers life, Kelly and family members were kept from seeing him. It was gradual isolation through the years!
Then her dad went before a judge where he was put into conservator ship. He was put into the hands of a step brother, and  wife. Also a conservator of the court whom should not be allowed to over see anyone's loved one!
Kelly testified about this horrible experience before the California senate, along with Kerri Kasem. We need to be watchful over our loved ones and encourage anyone to ask for help against abuse.

Kelley Rooney from Kerri Kasem on Vimeo.

Rick Black

Rick, and his wife Terri, were first exposed to fraudulent guardianships and probate exploitation in June 2013. His wife’s father, Del, had retired in Las Vegas and due to the deception of family friend Helen Natko, his Alzheimer’s type dementia allowed Helen to exploit him. When her deception, exploitation, and theft was discovered Terri came to her father’s aid but Natko isolated Del in her home. He was never allowed to see or speak to his family alone after the discovery and never allowed to leave her home with family until his death in July 2015.

Law enforcement refused to engage even though Terri presented three forged checks totaling $220,000 and evidence of Natko’s abuse and isolation. The police instructed Terri to file for guardianship of her father as they viewed the situation as a “civil” matter.

Commission Jon Norheim ignored established law, estate documents, and the evidence of theft, isolation, forgery, neglect, and exploitation by Natko against Del. Natko ultimately prevailed in gaining guardianship over Del in July 2014. Rick ultimately got law enforcement engaged and in October 2014 Natko was criminally indicted for felony theft and exploitation of Del.

The family lost over $1 million in the ordeal. Natko was criminally convicted for exploiting Del in April 2017 and sentenced to five years’ probation. Family Court continues to deny her criminal acts against Del.

Motivated by the experience, Rick built a coalition of over 50 families who lost over $40 million from 2010-2015 due to fraudulent adult guardianships in Nevada. He gained the support of local media, elected officials, and the Nevada attorney general to investigate widespread corruption endorsed by Commissioner Jon Norheim in adult guardianship proceedings. He participated in the Nevada Supreme Court’s Guardianship Reform Commission meetings and helped develop new statutes to improve adult guardianship adjudication. The efforts of the coalition has yielded 18 arrests and 17 convictions over the last 4 years. Infamous professional guardian April Parks, attorney Noel Simpson and coworkers Mark Simmons and Gary Taylor were convicted in November 2018.

Rick left his job as an executive of a global textile company in early 2015 to devote himself fulltime volunteering for guardianship reforms and to assist other families. Rick has investigated over 500 suspected fraudulent guardianship cases nationally and counseled over 1,200 families. He coined the phrase “isolate the victim, defame legitimate family, and liquidate the estate” to describe the hallmarks of fraudulent guardianships and probate fraud. Rick’s efforts were the genesis of the documentary “The Guardians” by Billie Mintz which describes the systemic exploitation of vulnerable persons of wealth in Las Vegas via fraudulent guardianships.

He regularly speaks on the issues and has spoken at the National Forum on Financial Exploitation by Conservators sponsored by the National Center for State Courts and the Department of Justice in March 2017 and the KasemCares/California District Attorneys Conference in December 2017. Rick and Terri actively lobby for improved protections for vulnerable adults from the predatory legal community nationally.

Rick, his wife Terri, and Athena Roe, JD of Colorado Springs founded the Center for Estate Administration Reform in early 2018 to advocate for reforms nationwide. Rick can be reached at [email protected] and internet access at and Facebook:

Travis and Trudy Campbell

Travis Campbell, Drummer /Record Producer and Co-owner of Glen Campbell Music and Royalties. Travis grew up in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles California. His father was country music superstar, “Glen Campbell" and his mother was the late "Billie Jean Campbell”, known for her works with the great "Mother Teresa" in Calcutta India.

Travis received his early education in Lausanne, Switzerland and returned to the United States where he graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in French literature and minor in political science. Growing up in the Hollywood Hills, and having a famous father, Travis often appeared on his father’s television show "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour".

From an early age Travis's father and mother encouraged him to pursue music. Travis had a natural love and passion for drumming, of which his father "Glen" loved to feature, Travis as a small child in photo shoots and television episodes singing and drumming alongside him; a proud father showcasing the musical talents of his young son, "Travis " Travis later married his wife in 2002, “Trudy Andes-Campbell". He played drums and produced her "World Tour Live Album”, which went on sale worldwide in 2004.

In 2005 Travis and Trudy began working with the men and women of the armed forces when Executive Director of The California National Guard Association, "James Martin Lubey" and United States President "Gerald Ford", requested to have them as his headliners for "Freedom Afghanistan, and Iraq Freedom Concert, The couple was honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the National Convention presenting President "George W. Bush", with a bronze Award engraved with the words of the song/anthem "Friends Prayer" written by Trudy Andes-Campbell, and produced by Travis Campbell. Travis went on to drum for country music legend, Tanya Tucker, and was featured as the drummer on the live concert, award winning video starring Tanya Tucker singing his father's hit, "By the Time I get to Phoenix". Travis organized and produced Tanya Tucker’s song "Forever Loving You". Travis and Trudy Andes-Campbell partnered with Tennessee Senator Rusty Crowe on Travis's latest album, "A Tribute to My Father "Glen Campbell", in stores now. After being alienated from his father "Glen Campbell" who suffered from Alzheimer’s, Travis is honored to join with Kerri Kasem and The Kasem Cares Foundation to pass laws throughout the United States to protect Elders from being alienated from their family and loved ones.



Trudy Andes Campbell, President and CEO of 

"Andes Land Cattle and Oil Company", which owns and operates 38 Farms and Ranches in Kansas and Oklahoma.


At the age of eighteen years old Trudy purchased the Landmark "Saint James Hotel" in downtown Winfield Kansas. It was the first commercial property she renovated. 

Now nearly 35 years later, she still owns the downtown Kansas landmark, known as the "Trudy Andes Campbell" building".  

The property consists of a Movie Theater, downtown apartments and is home of the Kansas Republican Headquarters.


Trudy Andes Campbell started her career at an early age. 

At seven years old she was working on the ranch feeding cattle, riding pastures, and going with her father to check his oil wells. 

At the age of twelve Trudy's father was killed in a wheat Truck wreck, and by age thirteen she enrolled in Patricia Steven's Modeling and Fashion College for the next four years where she went on to win Miss Teenage Kansas and was elected FFA Sweetheart.  

In her senior year, she was voted Winfield High School Winter Sports Homecoming Queen.  Trudy worked as a professional model, singer, and founded "Andes Cosmetics Company" along with owning and operating "The Henderson Place Ranch" featuring 120 Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Paint mares, along with several major stallions including the "SECRETARIAT stallion "Riverside Ruler" ,  Deputy Minister Stallion "De Minister", and the sale topping stallion "Rivertot".


Trudy went on to work as a singer recording over 60 songs and three commercially released CDs which include "Always On My Mind", "World Tour Live," and The California National Guards "Tribute to the Troops".  


Trudy married her Husband Travis Campbell in 2002, and the two began a marriage and business partnership of which they built together a Record and Communications Company,  purchased the Miss Teenage America Pageant, and formed Campbell Champlin INC. with Trudy's two sons Garrett and Westen Champlin  featuring their production/episodes of Westen Champlin’s "GW Country."


I think the most important thing anyone can do is give people hope and inspire others to be their best. 

I have two sons, and I've always tried to instill good work ethics and encourage them to do their best in whatever they do., 

So, my greatest achievement in my life is my son's hard work pays off. 



Their channel has over 40 million viewers and 450,000 subscribers.  My sons have worked with me from the time they were young, just like I did with my father, and I think it’s good to teach your children and young people early that with hard work , dedication and passion you can fulfill your dreams,  and never, never give up. 


These are the same principles the Kasem Cares organization was built on. 


Kerri Kasem is my friend and I love her, 
I love the fact she cares about people, about making a difference on this earth, about encouraging others, and being that light in the darkness...that's what Kasem Cares is all about
Letting others know they are not alone, Kasem Cares is the light in the darkness, and our Kasem Cares team knows if we work hard together, we can move mountains.


Trudy Campbell is honored to be a board member of the Kasem Cares foundation.