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  • Nicole Fleischmann
    commented 2019-12-09 14:01:08 -0800
    Terrible miss terms similar interests as Casey Kasem and development father died June 19 2019 Arnold fleischmann any died similar to Casey Kasem it was exploited why Rosalie Rosalie rosenzwog people that were hard on her and off I was blocked from seeing my father and and probably she bribed my brother and my sister-in-law this year was horrible that I’m the way I lost my father he would have been 94 years old if it was natural sources he defend himself he fought the Battle of the Bulge he was a veteran a beautiful human being very thoughtful kind and good-hearted person you do humanitarian you retired as a and retired as a lawyer but his life late in life it was exploited it’s very hard for me to type these things and dictate it because I want to dedicate myself honoring my father for human rights for senior citizens and disabled people and the give them the life and a visitor rights against the illegal guardianship which Julie belshe has similar things to and I’ve a title freedom to be themselves and if people don’t understand those things we got to educate them about the Disability Act the sympathy sympathy of everybody in this kind of situation when I call for help sometimes abuse is put into shame for the person who’s a victim and they should never be blocking family from seeing the parents especially if they’re not married to him
  • Angela E Phillips
    followed this page 2019-01-16 15:36:26 -0800
  • Nicole Fleiscmann
    commented 2018-07-31 17:09:13 -0700
    Similar problems support our parent site against domestic violence senior citizens sensitive nature