Julie Belshe

Hello, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Julie L. Belshe. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I studied psychology in College up in Northern California. Decided to become a hairdresser, what better profession to listen to people’s lives and make them feel Beautiful at the same time. I come from a family of five. 

Let’s get started! “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” by Lao-Tzu. I choose not be a victim but a survivor and to reach out and assist people among their journey in the Guardianship Arena. Finding my purpose at 48 years old was the biggest gift that god or my higher power has ever given to me, not saying that hasn’t come with plenty of sorrow as well!

My Parent’s were legally kidnapped from their home on the golf course in August of 2013. I lived 10 miles from them and have always been close as life has them. I also am blessed to have a husband of 30 years and 3 Young men that make my heart sing, most of the time. At the beginning of my story it was Labor Day Weekend of 2013 and we had plans to go and visit my Parent’s but nobody was picking up their phone. I was shocked to the core of my being because my Mother was in a wheel chair and normally was home. I decided it was time to take a drive and make sure that My Parent’s were ok? Their home was locked up tighter than a drum. I noticed something was wrong, little suspect items, such as the windows in the middle of the afternoon closed, blinds closed the wrong way. I walked around their home and got a gut wrenching feeling that my Parent’s were kidnapped. I phoned hospitals, facilities, and other people that my Parent’s knew. Nobody knew where they were on this Labor Day Weekend? I continued to drive out to their home for the next 3 days and with no sign of any life and the newspapers piling up. Finally on Tuesday after the holiday a sign was placed on their door saying, “In case of Emergency contact Private Guardian and her phone number. That was the welcoming of my life 4 years ago into the Family Court and Guardianship Arena.

I can now say, after 26 months of visiting them their health was declining and it was my only hope to learn the law and represent my Parent’s Pro Per Se and fight with all of my might to get them out of this Private Guardianship. Good News came down finally at our court hearing and it was decided to restore their rights and they could go home. We now have had them with us for a year and a half. They have become healthier and happier in every sense of the word. We still are in court now and do have representation. I have now dedicated my life to supporting people that are experiencing the different stages of having one or more of their loved ones taken abruptly from their Families life. I proudly have found my second Family at Kasem Cares Foundation. I admire and love all of our team. I especially admire the dedication that Kerri Kasem has taken to start Kasem Cares Foundation. We’re here for you with love and support to offer our empathy and to the best of our ability share our knowledge to help you navigate through this nightmare.

I strongly urge you to share your story with us. Since this tragedy has occurred something in me always keeps me on my toes. Acknowledging that everything in life is temporary the cornerstone of my identity. I look forward to hearing from you and send my love and FAITH to all of us who are brought together by this atrocity of events. Keep the HOPE. With LOVE and HOPE, Julie…xo

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