Kelly Rooney

Kelly Rooney has been a hairdresser for almost forty years. She has a daughter Lacy who is thirty.
Kelly is the first daughter born to Mickey Rooney and Barbara Rooney, she  has three siblings. Kerry, Kimmy, Michael.
She is also an advocate for elder abuse, after she and her siblings became aware of their fathers elder abuse.
Towards the end of her fathers life, Kelly and family members were kept from seeing him. It was gradual isolation through the years!
Then her dad went before a judge where he was put into conservator ship. He was put into the hands of a step brother, and  wife. Also a conservator of the court whom should not be allowed to over see anyone's loved one!
Kelly testified about this horrible experience before the California senate, along with Kerri Kasem. We need to be watchful over our loved ones and encourage anyone to ask for help against abuse.

Kelley Rooney from Kerri Kasem on Vimeo.