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Personal experience, my two brothers and sister would not let me see my mother, whom I took care of both of my parents, father died 17-years previous, until the last year of my mother's life when I was teaching 100 miles from home.  I insisted on good care for her.  They decided to not let me know where she was and took her cell phone away so I could not call her.  I thought she was going to get well and I would be able to talk to her. Instead they kept her with the same doctor who had her on drugs that had her knocked out.  She died two-days before Christmas in 2015.  I would like to see a law that states adult children can see their parents in a facility or at their home or wherever they are, period. Plain and simple.  It should be a well-established law that everyone knows about.  It may have happened to me, the Kasem children and no doubt many others, but it can stop forever.  My mother did not deserve to die alone.  

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    You get the justice you can afford. An open path to court is no visitation for many and time can be of the essence when a parent is in the hospital. When my siblings hid our mother in a nursing home and took away her cell phone, I called adult protective services. They told me to get an attorney. My attorney money was being spent on childcare so my granddaughter could work. The legislature needs to pass a law stating children can see their parents, period. Plain and simple. That law should be made known far and wide so this will never happen again. I believe had such a law been in place what happened with the Kasem children and their father would have never ever happened.

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    My heart breaks for you and your uncle. You were like a mother cat taking care of him, bravo for the wonderful care you gave him in the face of neglect. The places use chemical restraints. The more doped up they get them the less they have to take care of them. I called one once and because I could not reach my mother I spoke to the nursing station who told me she was doing fine. I was 100 miles away. I sent my boyfriend over and he said she would not wake up. I called back and was told that she was breathing, that means she is fine. You did everything right. They lied to you and your parents to get his money, he was a cash cow to them. I loved when you dumped the glass of overly thick stuff on the administrator’s desk, nice touch!