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    Craig shared a story:

    After reporting major infections one that ended in loss of an eye last year and then after reporting additional issues including bed bugs I have been given a restrict contact order and warned not to make any more complaints. After 4 years of no limitations my mother and I can now only talk twice a week if she is able to answer at the designated time. I am no longer allowed into her room and our unlimited visits have now been cut to 2, with a total of 2 hours a month. They have taken my mother 1 hearing aid making it more difficult for her to communicate, keep it dirty full of wax, and refuse to get a 2nd for her other ear. She only has a bottom denture after top broke almost 2 years ago and the guardian can’t understand why she won’t wear her lowers without the top. Judges are getting around the visitation law by implementing their own judgements while not holding guardians and facilities responsible. They are retaliating against legitimate elder abuse and neglect reports when legally anyone making a report in good faith is immune from civil and criminal prosecution. Not one organization repeated to protect the elderly will speak up while law enforcement will quickly investigate a family member of the ward vs initiating when the guardian and facility neglect the ward. Something is morally and ethically wrong in this state sponsored abuse where guardians, their attorneys and facilities are allowed to manipulate the court. More oversight is needed.

    Pam shared a story:

    My sibling has isolated my family from my mom for over 3 years now & had her sign unlimited DPOA to him & amend her trust to him 100% rather than the 50/50 spit she had previously. She was 95 at the time of signing with dementia & I know she had no way of understanding the documents. He has told everyone there was a no contact order against me for elderly abuse which there isn’t. I have reported to elderly affairs, my senator & numerous other agencies to no avail. I finally spoke with an attorney who told me it could cost upwards of $40-$60 to fight this. This is why these abusers keep getting away with this! The states need to step up & do something when these cases are reported. I was told by APS “ pretend she’s dead & move on with your life”. My tax dollars are paying their salary & this is the response I get!

    Janet shared a story:

    My name is Janet wynn, I have been isolated from my younger sister Loraine Hampton, since my mother passed away, she is living with our older sister, who has since my mother passed has isolated her from me. My younger sister and I grew up very close, I was protected of her and our older sister was jealous of our relationship, I spoiled my younger sister, watched over. Our older sister is short patient, narcissistic and mean, she is very controlling, and I’m afraid she is not letting my younger sister Loraine do a lot of social events to keep her active. They live in Florida, I recently moved to Georgia, but am trying desperately to keep connections with my younger sister Loraine, she’s a vulnerable adult.

    Christine shared a story:

    April 11, 2021, Guardianship Symposium:
    Presenter Christine Morrison: Michigan Family Equity Court Fraud:

    I am a victim of legal system abuse by Michigan family equity court judicial administrators and court officer acts of misconduct. Macomb County Circuit Court, (Family Court) entered a non-consented “settlement agreement.” I then was illegally subjected to parental alienation, unjust/inappropriate child support enforcement, bench warrants (no bond), the loss of my home and all contents (ex-parte), professional licenses, retirement accounts by an attorney malpractice trial in Oakland County Circuit Court, and life savings for parental rights. There was no divorce property settlement, the only issues were child support and child custody. You’re up against massive pervasive fraud, extortion, fraud, predatory debt collection schemes, civil rights violations, obstruction of justice with deliberate violations of law, statutes, constitutional rights, rights under Americans with Disability Act, litigating against illegal contact denial with your child.

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    Saralina shared a story:

    I have a story to tell….. it’s long…. it’s different from yours but similar in their I have evil siblings who took everything from my mom immediately after my dad died: her money, her home, and then they sued her TWICE to put her away! To FORCE her into a home and throw away the key! We spent 10 years standing up to my siblings and fighting their eveeeeeeel legal terrorism and their breaking into her property and worse! They destroyed her completely. Pure pure evil. …. not one single lawyer cared at all…. all they cared about was getting paid. my mom was an extraordinary person – an opera singer in New York City in her youth and she created the Richmond Symphony and gave 40 years of her life to supporting the arts and musicians for the benefits of the community when there was no symphony when she first moved there in 1953. She was a pioneer and lived in a patriarchal town and still broke the ceilings to create one of the 10 top symphonies in this country. Her other children banded together to take all her assets from her and keep her from using her own assets for her own life!! Pure pure pure pure pure evil. All the lawyers said she was sharp as a tack and went through their hoops to proove her wits but they just destroyed her. I watched her cry and scream in agony at night to sleep and wake up with nightmares in the morning…. We both had nightmares of my siblings especially one of them but really there were all the same but different aspects of psychotic. My eldest brother did this to my dad before he died for years terrorizing him. I have proof of all of this but NO LAWYER EVER CARED about any of it. None of them had an ounce of interest for justice. Not even the police. No one cared about an elderly lady except me and her friends. But, we weren’t enough….. We live in a criminal world… the legal system IS the CRIMINAL! The entire thing must start from scratch with empathy and integrity at the core which does not exist but in the rarest moments. Like you. You exist and have integrity x a million. My mom would have loved you. I still wish for justice for her…… I still do……..

    Magda shared a story:

    I live in a retirement home. I am 88 years old. My next door neighbor was an 80 year old gentleman. We love each other and made each other happy. He has a daughter with a POA. She dreamed up that I wanted my beloved friend’s money. I have much more than he does and I do not need anything more. Yet she moved him out from here against his wish. By a lie. I don’t know where he is and I am heart broken. Surely he is too. What can we do?

    Angela shared a story:


    My Father had a stroke that left him paralyzed and in an assisted living facility. He had Alzheimer’s Disease and his cause of death was advanced stages of Dementia.

    Just a few months before he died my cousin and two other women, one was a neighbor determined to get his house. The other woman was her friend, an Attorney specializing in Elder Abuse. The three of them secretly created a Trust for my father naming my cousin as a beneficiary.

    My Mother was in the hospital at that time with a blood infection. They wanted to amputate her foot. I assured her everything was okay. By the time we found out the house was being sold and my parents life savings was gone.

    I feel so guilty having put my mother through this. I suggested we get an Attorney. We had a Jury Trial scheduled for this month. I was sure we would win. It is not okay to secretly meet with a dying man, hold a pen in his paralyzed hand and force a signature! Five days before the Trial her Attorney said we are fighting a battle we can not win. It would drag on for years, cost more than we had and we would never recover.

    This is a crime that should be punishable by jail and it’s not. So anyone can walk into these facilities, visit with these vulnerable, elderly patients a few times and gain control of their assets with no consequences whatsoever? It happened to us.

    I couldn’t get justice for my Mother. She saved her whole life and now she can’t afford her basic needs. Meanwhile..
    My cousin sells her big house in Anaheim Hills for a bigger one with a pool and waterfalls she purchased the very same month she had that Trust signed.

    What can be done to expose this attorney? What if this is all she does? I am afraid to report her or even leave a negative review on her website because of the threatening letter she sent me when I started questioning her interest in my father.

    I found out about the GoFundMe Fundraising Website. This would be perfect for my Mother. If I could raise enough to cover her basic needs that would be wonderful. If I did make her whole then that would feel like we did win!

    The success of these campaigns depend on people to see it.

    Now I am defeated again. I have no Social Media, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. I don’t even know what a hashtag is.

    GoFundMe suggests reaching out to the community and ask that you share my story on your Social Media Network. I think you will find it interesting. It is another way the elderly are scammed and it might make a difference.

    Angela Crosby
    714 451-9668

    Debra shared a story:

    Please someone help me. I’m in New york not sure if I can do this on this site. I’m 70 yrs old 18 yrs ago my son who is now 50 was in a bad car accident
    His wife refused to let myself and siblings see him after about two months. He has alot of head trauma I’m sure he wouldn’t know who I am. But with our help back then it would have been good for him to jog his memory. I have been looking for him for 18 yrs. Found out he is in a nursing home. I moved last week to get closer before she fi ds out and moved him again. She has made it so none of us can see him. His sisters are devastated my health has become poor from all of this. I have no money for attorney. My heart is so broken knowing I’m so close and dont know what to do. He needs us wr have know idea what she has told people she is so evil. I seen her a yr ago begged her to let me see my son she said it was up to him he makes all decisions my daughter seen him 4 yrs ago and said there is no way he can make any decisions hes that bad and doesn’t know anyone. Please help me this is all I want before it’s to late for both of us.i dont want to pass away before seeing my child. Debbie

    Jacqueline shared a story:

    7 months ago my fiance of 4 years was involved in a hit and run. Motorcycle accident on his way home. Aquireing a Major TBI. He shouldn’t have made it with the damage ,we expected a vegetative state. I hate saying this but what I did next became my biggest regret. Hanging up from CHP, I immediately called his sister. I didn’t see it coming we were there for eachother supporting R. She lived with me between trying to keep up with her life out of state. She had applied for conservitorship telling me not to worry its no biggie the courts don’t involve me because we are not married yet. I had no reason to check i thought. Then late October everything changes. Ultimatums, now everything i am doing to prepare for him to be released home. She tells me to stop. She don’t know where the family wants him. This whole time that he has been out of his coma. He has been begging us both to get him out of the accute hospital he is in . Crying pleading, his biggest fear. It has been 4 months I was so excited to get him home. Just wanting to get into our new life and be together again. His sister is getting ready to have paperwork signed by judge as temporary conservitor on emergency basis. Things were feeling strange now she is making excuses why he can’t come home. Why he should be with her and all his family. Me declining to jump when given Ultimatum about moving out of state. Started my hell. A few days went by before she called surprising me she was her with a cousin from another state. I didn’t pay attention to the tinted out suv she drove up in. With 5 people from her family telling me she wants him with her , she is taking him and his things out of our home and state. The ink still wet from a judge signing it. I had been reading the Conservatorship handbook and realized she lied to me , as well as not forthcoming to the courts. Her account was the Drs notified her about her brother’s accident. He was single lived alone.. I was learning about powers of a temp and exactly what is aloud and not to protect him. So when I kicked her off my property telling her to get a court order and then I would let her take things. Knowing she would have to explain me and our relationship. The next day I go to make my first call of the week to set up my weekly visit and get told there are no visits aloud covid. At this time there were no restrictions but the hospital used covid to back his sisters orders. I wasn’t aloud to see him because I didn’t give her what she wanted. When I called to speak to him I get asked what the password is. These people knew me I was there once a week for visiting called 4 times a day to talk to him. There every time his sister was visiting and now no contact between us. His sister and I were his constant, he knew who we were and yelled each of our names so he could talk with us. Now I dont call, I dont visit. I just stop. Right before this I got ahold of the court attorney representing him. Letting him know about us and whats going on with his sister. He goes in and speaks with R. About 2 weeks after my communication was cut off. He stated to the lawyer he wanted out. He wanted to come home to our home. He stated he didn’t want to move to Indiana with sister. I am thinking finally he will get to get his voice back ,his life, I was prepared for the raod I knew it would be long and hard. It didn’t matter he is everything to me. I could care less how he was as long as he was happy and content with however he was. Thinking this lawyer is going to stand for Rs rights and the best for him I put my faith in his words of making sure when ready he would come to our home again. Then whatever his sister does or says has to be good because next thing I know this lawyer is sticking up for her. Allowing her to put a 30 day notice to our landlord. Change of address. Telling me now to give up his things to her he isn’t coming home. I refused again without court order. When I asked to see or talk to him well you didn’t give us his truck I don’t have to disclose anything to you. All this time asking for legal help to fight for our rights. His sister broke off our engagement we don’t have anything together. She has managed to turn close friends against me. Make the lawyers think I am a thief. I am going to do something to our pets. She attempted getting a restraining order against him and I. Thank God that judge seen through her and didn’t grant one. But her lawyer and her kept trying to tell him what a danger and how he needed protecting so she moved him out of state. Just like she wanted. Not letting conservitorship judge know until 2 days before she called for an earlier hearing than was scheduled The day of the hearing early was the day I filed to have her removed and my petition. She has put the thought in peoples minds about me being this and that. I even have Rs lawyer in a deposition swearing he knows I am a lier and thief I should have to pay lawyers bills for selling or taking things from him. Defamation and liable. Not to mention abuse of powers lying to someone with a tbi. So he will move out of state. That he was abandoned i sold his possessions because he was hurt in an accident. I haven’t seen or talked to him in over 4 months. It looks like his sister is getting exactly what she wanted. He is there with her believing he has nothing left not me his home or his things. There is nothing legally keeping us apart just his sister. Afraid he will know what she has done to his life. She is making sure the is no contact between him and anyone who was in his life. Instead of punishment for her dishonesty disregard to his life and wants. And my life and rights, not disclosing going against everything specifically stated not allowed she blatantly has. With no consequence. She is getting to have control over our lives or what was our life. I have contacted attorneys asking who is there to protect me my rights. Vulnerable people are victims of wrong doings by a system supposed to protect our rights and freedoms. We are powerless in our own lives .
    I started out wanting to make sure the man I love wasn’t ignored. That people still heard, listened and respected his thoughts and opinions. Now I not only fight for him, I fight for my life, and rights.

    Shari shared a story:

    My father lost his second wife, my stepmother years ago and for several years, we had a great relationship with my dad. I visited him often, took him to dr appts, was his “person”. My father had serious mental issues even before this but Judy, his second wife, was caring and because of her, he was able to avoid his personal demons. However, after she died and being an 80 year old man, he needed constant care and was not able nor willing to care for himself. He met a woman at a car dealership. When we started to look into her, we found out she was 30 years his junior, her first husband was in jail for murder, she had a shiftless son that she sometimes acknowledged and other times didnt, depending on whether she was trying to get my fathers sympathy. Long story short, he cut his family out of his life and ended up marrying her, buying her a house, bought cars for her family members, you name it. He basically admitted it was an “arranged” marriage in that she agreed to take care of him. She has not worked since they got married. I am at a loss because we did get a conservertorship, however, we have not seen him for years, she has blocked our phone numbers and we just found out he has had a stroke. We dont want her to get anything after he dies, but because they got married, she will get what is left. How tragic that the states, and federal government dont protect elderly people from this. Any one can get married and that spouse then gets everything. The police have been called to their house, we have multiple incidents of her alleged financial abuse, even to the point where the bank was concerned, but because they are married, we cant do anything. I have spent over $30k of my own money already to try to protect him and yet, we know that when he dies, there will be nothing we can do to keep this leech and her family from getting whatever is left. My heart breaks with this and I am beside myself because on one will help us. The laws do not protect families. Thanks for listening to my story.

    Naciri shared a story:

    Welcome, who are you? Is that your real name?. Are you a man, or a woman? And for whom is this picture? You, or borrowed? In any case, we welcome you, and you are welcome. We apologize for these questions, for the sake of precaution. You can answer it, or no!

    Florips shared a story:

    I would like to share my late mother Carmelinda Bajouco’s story. I am communicating from the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My late mother was a victim of massive crime. I am a witness her lawyers Benjamin and Eduardo Marcos destroyed a total of 3 wills to victimize my late mother. This was done because she had appointed me for powers of attorney for care and finances and the executor of her estate. My mother’s own doctor targeted her when she was vulnerable with age and health problems. I got to see documented proof Dr. Paolo Mazzotta drugged her with Hydromorphone for 3 weeks and ordered her to change her legal documents. He killed her in her house. This is what the doctor put in the body of my 83 year old mother Morphine, Codeine, Acetaminophen, Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone. She was starved to death and suffered an infected sacral bedsore because she was left in urine and feces soaked diapers. She died weighing only 81 pounds. This doctor targeted her because she had a house. I had been told by my mother a registered nurse from CCAC tried to get her hands on my mother’s will 5 years before she died. September 2016 my mother voiced concerns relating to being harassed to sign documents and she had no idea what she was signing. She told me she had signed her house away and her house did not belong to her anymore. I spoke to Mazzotta about this. It would be 4 days later he started giving her the Hydromorphone and brought in my crooked sister who had been stealing from my mother. I got to see evidence written by Mazzotta that he would be contacting the Ontario Public Guardian. This was written at the exact time he brought in my crooked sister Belinda. This is a story of ultimate betrayal.
    My mother’s doctor ordered her to remove me from her legal documents so I would not be able to advocate for the well being of my mother. Mazzotta on October 7, 2016 threatened me and I knew my mother was in danger.Her legal documents were changed on November 1, 2016 and she died on February 1, 2017.

    The capacity assessor and her assessment were flawed and her only goal was to get the documents changed. When the capacity assessor Anna Carrabau documents my mother could not recall why she had appointed me as her sole representative this identified to me my mother was incapacitated she could no longer remember. It would be 1 year later I would get documented proof Paolo Mazzotto had given her the narcotics to the point she could not remember and her judgement was being affected by the medication. This medication is contradicted for seniors. This medication causes confusion and dizziness. Why would a doctor be so careless ?

    Everyone knew my sister had been stealing from my elderly mother including Paolo Mazzotto and my mother’s lawyers. They all victimized my mother. They knew my sister robbed my mother of $36,000.00 and I got to see my sister robbed my dead mother of $9,000.00 immediately after my mother died.
    The crimes continue into the probate court with judges Victoria Chiappietta and Laurence Pattillo defrauding my late mother and I. They removed me to seize and steal from my late mother and I. The judgement was hand delivered to Pattillo by the law office of Mark Ross. Pattillo repeatedly states I am “reprehensible” but I am not stealing from my mother, you are.
    It would be months later I would discover my mother’s estate money is at 222 Queen St. West Bank of Nova Scotia right up the street from Mark Ross law office 123 John St.
    The link to Mark Ross lawyers came with the Cardinal Funeral Home who spent 4 days with these lawyers making up a false claim to steal $30,000.00 from my late mother and I. Aaron Battle tried to get me to sign a $12,000.00 funeral contract. But I witnessed my mother prepay June 2010 and she owed no money.
    Never prepay for funeral & burial !
    With every funeral scam there is a complimentary burial scam. They lowered my mother into the cemetery hole and left the cords on.
    She was not buried. I took photos. It would be many months later the cemetery staff tell me she is not entitled to a ID marker and my sister gets to keep the money. $26,000.00 is what my sister robbed my mother December 2016. My mother had made prepaid June 2010 for her burial and planned to be buried with me. I was the single daughter and my mother’s best friend. My father died March 1964 and was buried in Portugal.
    I had been told the very burial hole my mother was lowered into at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery belonged to Dobson. Dobson had been buried in this same hole.

    The Bank of Nova Scotia staff repeatedly told me my mother’s money belongs to Angelique Moss the lawyer who got the appointment by the probate court.
    The bank staff deny having a copy of the will. They are trained to lie. My mother did not leave her family legacy to lawyers and judges. I did see a copy of the will on file with the bank. The Bank of Nova Scotia went back to my mother’s account history and saw I was joint for over 40 years and there was never any money taken by me. Pattillo took seizure of the joint accounts. The crimes do not stop here. I got to see documents by Paula from the Portuguese Consulate in Toronto falsifying and she gave a copy of my Portuguese ID to Angelique Moss the very lawyer who is stealing from my late mother. Paula who represents the Portuguese government gave my personal information to these crooks without my knowledge and consent. I have no control who will access my Portuguese personal information. They target me for ID and mortgage crimes in Portugal.

    My mother contacted the Toronto Police when my sister stole her money and also the deed to the house. The police refuse to investigate and write police reports. When Mazzotta threatened me I contacted the police. They refused to investigate and my mother died 2 months later. Elder abuse prevention is a farce in North America. Victoria Chiappietta is married to a cop and her brother is a cop. Victoria Chiappietta and Laurence Pattillo were instrumental in participating in the crimes against my mother and I.

    Robert (aka barney) shared a story:

    Sophia, I have requested “KASEM Cares” to let everyone know HOW TO REPLY to a direct question (that I believe I could help with). I’m praying they will reply/respond, or act. NEVER, NEVER Give up. You must continue to call, write, carry signs in front of the Court House, or hand out flyers. I’ve done ALL of these, and sadly, the widow of one of my very best friends was kidnapped; robbed of close to a million dollars, then left to die is a place the evil, crooked, court appointed guardian would not divulge, nor let anyone visit. Contact me direct at [email protected] and i will do my best to suggest some methods of continuing your quest. Please put “KASEM Cares” as the Subject when you email me. CMSgt Robert “Barney” Rummel (USAF – Ret)

    Robert (aka barney) shared a story:

    Hello All who have contacted me; or tried to contact me… I am extremely grateful to “KASEM Cares” but, being computer literate for at least 30 years, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW TO COMMENT WHEN SOMEONE ASKS A QUESTION. I’m urging them to add a drop down box/menu to REPLY to those whom you think you can help… My email is [email protected] and if you put “KASEM CARES” as the subject, I will reply! CMSgt Robert “Barney” Rummel (USAF – Ret) who has had personal experience with the convoluted, crooked judicial system (aka judges) and had the wife of my deceased military friend “kidnapped” and held hostage until she passed away this year….

    Steve shared a story:

    l need help to find out if my mother is alive or dead and what has happened to her.

    Nawira shared a story:

    We are “care concern foundation” renders voluntary services to Elderlies and vulnerable children.
    We are struggling to convince the department and decision makers to forge policies which favours the Aged and ophans especially during crisis time like covid-19 pendamic and during droughts and femine.we seek technical advices on to achieve our objectives.

    Kristin shared a story:

    My father in law died on 11/22/19 of liver cancer. His new wife, Christine, we all knew she wasn’t a good person. we all had concerns with him marrying in 2015. She changed his will in May, shortly before his passing to where she got it all. She took the insurance policy for his daughter that has a disability and left her with a quilt and a necklace, which the necklace is missing, and is assumed her drug addicted son Stole. She never let us visit, or gave us 10 minutes. Told us he was fine until we knew he wasn’t. She brow beat him and wouldn’t let us see him and wouldn’t take care of him unless she got everything. He confided that to a friend. I wish he was stronger and fought back. She took everything. I didn’t know there was anyone out there like that, but she continues to torment us still. Not giving anything in the will, even though she got everything, my one sister I. Law got a blanket and the necklace, the other got a picture of Mary and a trumpet, and my brother in law got a car that was in pieces. And to this day, still tries to take anything and everything she can. I hope one day I can forgive and move on, but I don’t see an end in sight

    Catherine shared a story:

    Terri shared a story:

    Thank you for listening to my story I appreciate any help you can give me. I’ll start with a little back story and then bring you up to date on the current situation. My dad was in the Air Force for over 30 yrs. I think because we are a military family my family; my dad, mom, sister I have always been really close. The four of us are always available to help each other out whenever we need it. My parents got divorced in 1995 but they stayed very close friends after they were divorced. My dad would visit my mom almost every day. They occasionally had dinner together during the week, attend family events together and they talked on the phone almost every day.
    When my dad started to have memory issues my mom helped him with his checkbook; helping him make sure his bills were paid on time.
    My Dad has always been an amazing dad, I know a lot of people say that but he is definitely pretty great. When we, my sister Ann and I were kids he always made sure we knew how to do things most girls didn’t. We learned how to change oil in cars, and change brakes, sparkplugs, and a few other automotive related repairs. Both he and my mom worked to raise us as independent, thoughtful individuals.
    Our family always worked together to get things done and we could move on to something fun. Everyone contributed! My sister and I had our first paying job when we were 6 and 7 yrs. old. My dad taught us how to polish his boots for fifty cents a boot. We would beg him to let us shine them weekly! As we got older he helped us with anything we wanted or needed. Helped being the key word. My dad never gave us anything without some buy in from us. When we were in college we bought our own cars but he helped with repairs and insurance. We both paid for our own college as well but my mom and dad would help us with most everything else. He wanted to know that we needed to work and be responsible for what we want and do. We also had an equal amount of fun with my dad! Even while working he would make jokes and we found ourselves enjoying the work; whatever it was at the time. My dad was always the one who took us to the ER when we needed stiches or were sick. He was calm and carrying.
    As adults we have grown to appreciate our dad’s methods of help and teaching us to be independent and wouldn’t have asked for it to be any other way. My dad was always looking for ways to help us. He always stopped by my house if my husband and I were working on something, ever the First Sargent he would supervise the project and offer suggestions. My husband and my dad became good friends; my dad would share his wisdom freely ( my dad loved to talk!) and my husband enjoyed listening to his advice. On Sunday’s my mom, dad, my husband and I would always get together for dinner. My dad would start asking what we thought we should have and want to usually grill some prime cut of meat he bought at the local butchers. He was always available for emergencies when we were first married helping when money was tight and also with advice. Even after my husband and I were doing well financially he would constantly offer to help. I would decline and he would always add, “If you need help I’m here.”
    In about 2010 my dad decided he wanted to get his affairs in order. He went to the local VA hospital for healthcare as well as a local civilian doctor. He told my sister and I that he chose us for his durable power of attorney if we ever needed to make medical decisions for him. He also had a ladybird deed written up with my sister and I named as his family members who would get the house when he passes away. He also named us as beneficiaries on his savings and money market accounts.
    My dad and I usually had lunch once a week or if he had a dentist or doctor appointment at the VA hospital, about an hour away, we always stop for lunch. My dad loved going out for lunch.
    We talk about the gossip he heard while having coffee with “the guys” at the local coffee shop and he would give me suggestions about what to do with any issues I was having at the time.
    He liked helping people. He also liked playing the lotto and Keno. His numbers were my mom’s, my sister’s, his and my birthdays. He always played them. When he won, he would share whatever he won with the three of us, saying if we weren’t born on those dates he wouldn’t have won. He was pretty lucky too!
    My dad, husband and I would occasionally play Keno on Friday evenings at a local restaurant. He would meet us there after he had gone to the Elks club for their fish fry.
    On March 15, 2017, my Dad had a doctor’s appointment at the CBOC (Community Based Outreach Clinic) in Marquette; just 15 miles from where we live. He was worried about having memory issues and asked me to come to his appointment with him. Earlier that month he saw his civilian P.A Jeremy Steele for the same reason; I attended the appointment with Jeremy Steele as well. (Jeremy suggested that my dad see one doctor or the other to help manage his medical care better and keep track of his prescriptions. My dad had been seeing Mr. Steele as well as his doctor at the VA, Mr. Brendan Ewers P.A.)
    My dad met with Mr. Ewers and they talked about my dad’s memory issues. Mr. Ewers asked my dad preliminary questions concerning his orientation times 3; if he knew who he was where he is and what the time was. My dad struggled with that exercise. He wrote in the time on the clock in military time (Greenwich Mean Time). Which is what he was used to when he was in the Air Force.
    As my dad’s disease progressed my mom and I helped him with keeping track of his appointments and bills. He would be salty at times but my mom more than I, was able to keep him calm and help him not get too angry or frustrated. It was difficult to see my dad, who always had answers for everything struggle for words and to remember where he put things. Keys were a big problem. He wasn’t able to remember where he put them or what they were for. So I went to the hardware store and bought little plastic label holders for each set and labeled them so he would be able to find the keys he needed. I also with the help of the Nurse and doctor at the VA was able to get a home health nurse in to help him with his medications. He was mixing them up and accused me of not putting the correct pills in the right sections of his pill minder. This was the first time he got truly angry at me, ever. He yelled at me and told me that if I F-ed them up it would be my ass. He never talked to my sister or me like that ever. That was something I am sure he said to his airmen a million times but would’ve never said it to his daughters.
    The nurse was able to come to check his weight and organize his medications. My mom and I went to my dad’s doctor appointments at the VA with him and things were going okay. He would still go to the Elks on Friday evenings. I have a friend who worked and she told me my dad was sitting with Elaine a local woman who owned a small bodega type store. My dad told us that he was going to see a movie with Elaine but I didn’t think anything of it because my dad would go out with other women in the area casually but he told his friends and family that he never wanted to get married again.
    In December of 2017 my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease after testing by Dr. Silverstein at the Oscar G. Johnson VA hospital in Iron Mountain MI. My mom, sister and I went to a few appointments with him with Dr. Silverstien a neuropsychologist Dr. Morley a neurologist and a social worker. In May of 2018 Dr. Silverstien activated my dad’s durable power of attorney naming my sister and me as the decision makers for his health care.

    It was around this time that Elaine started interfering with my dad’s care. She and her lawyer friend convinced my dad to have a will written up. My dad asked my sister to sign it, The will named her as the beneficiary of his estate. Which both of us agreed was fine because my sister and I know that we are very fair to each other. Elaine easily convinced my dad because of his disease, I was trying to steal his money and put him in a nursing home. My dad became confrontational and angry with me.
    There are many instances throughout the year of Elaine instigating problems and getting my dad upset and directing his anger at his family. My sister and I tried to do the best we could without upsetting my dad too much but it was difficult. He didn’t remember that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and she didn’t believe that he was. We called protective services and the Adult Protective Services worker Christina, looked into my dad’s care and she was supportive of what we were doing. She set up a meeting with my sister, my dad, Elaine and me at my dad’s house. Christina felt it would help Elaine understand that we were in fact caring for my dad’s illness and doing it well. Elaine showed up to the meeting at my dad’s and said she was afraid of me, I had previously looked at her with hate in my eyes.
    During the meeting elaine knitted; she said she was making them to donate and needed to get them finished. This meeting took place in April of 2019. The Adult Protective Services worker Christine told elaine that my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and his DPOA was activated by Dr. Silverstien. She also told elaine that I had a care team set up through the VA.
    My sister Ann told Elaine that we as his family, didn’t care if they spent time together socially but that we were handling his financial and health matters and she needed to let our family care for him the way he had asked to be care for when he was more aware of his health.

    After the meeting and for the next few months my dad seemed to be more relaxed and spent more time with his family. My mom’s sister and brother in law passed away in May and June and my dad attended both of those funerals with his family. Also one of my parents dear friends passed away during this time and my dad attended her funeral as well, with us. My dad
    came to Sunday dinners and my mom and I took him to his doctor’s appointment as usual. He was a little more cantankerous that he normally would have been but I found out that it was because of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. On the 4th of July our town parade goes by my house. My dad came over early to help set up the canopies for friends and family to stand under during the parade.
    (On a side note, because of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis my dad wasn’t able to keep his driver’s license. He LOVED driving. He grew up on a farm and started driving anything with a motor and wheels almost as soon as he could walk. He raced cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles in his younger days. So after my dad lost his license my husband Steve found two used Metropolitan Scooters for my dad to look at to buy. My dad naturally chose the black faster one and I bought the other one, so we could ride together. I was a little worried about him riding it but he was amazing on it. He practiced for a short while in a parking lot then he was off riding around our small town. He stayed in town and enjoyed himself a lot!! )
    After the parade we had a small cook out in our yard with family and friends and my dad asked if my husband and his daughter wanted to go to his house to light fireworks so we did. Aside from his Alzheimer’s being more noticeable we had our usual 4th of July celebration.
    During this summer my dad would call and we’d go to lunch, I would pick him up and we would have lunch. One afternoon he told me that Elaine didn’t want to see him anymore. I told him that maybe it was a good thing and he could start doing more things with his friends and he wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining a relationship. He said he wouldn’t miss her yelling at him. I asked what he meant. He said when he does things she doesn’t like she yells at him.
    I told him that no one should yell at him like that and if she is doing that then maybe it’s good that she doesn’t want to do things with him.
    In August my dad had another appointment with the Neurologist at the VA. My mom and I went with him to the appointment. She talked to my dad about Alzheimer’s disease, told him that my mom and I were available for help anytime he wanted it and that she needed to refer him to a civilian neurologist because she was retiring and she didn’t know how quickly the VA would be able to get someone else to fill the vacant job.

    After the appointment we went to eat as usual, (my dad likes to go out to eat) he didn’t eat much but did have ice cream, which is unusual for him. Then we went to the grocery store, he bought a few things and I asked if he wanted to get more because he didn’t get much. He said he was fine; he seemed like he was getting tired. On our way home I played some music on the radio that I knew he liked. Mustang Sally, he sang along with it. It was nice to see him calm and not so anxious.
    So about three days after that my dad called and asked for a form from the Michigan Secretary of State office that was sent to him after he had his license revoked. (It was a form he needed f take a test for his driver’s license. He was still a good driver but the Neurologist had to inform the Secretary of State that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and that generated the testing he needed. We had gone to one meeting with the Secretary of State once without it and they had to revoke his license until he was able to bring the paper and take the test. He lost track of the original paper so he brought the second one to my mom’s and asked me to keep it.)
    I was surprised when he asked for it. He sounded angry. I told him I would keep it until he got confirmation from the Sec. of State and we could make the appointment. He started yelling and hung up.

    I didn’t hear from him for a few days but it wasn’t out of the ordinary; he usually contacted my mom on those days for whatever reason. My mom called me and asked if I heard from my father. I said no, so I started worrying a little. I called his house and left a few messages. I am a volunteer mediator at my community dispute resolution center. I do small claims mediations at our local court house. Two of the clerks there said that Elaine brought my dad in to the court house to get a marriage license. Both clerks said she did all of the talking even though questions were being directed to him. One of the clerks said that he didn’t know how to answer any of the questions on the form to apply for the marriage certificate. The clerk said that Elaine and to tell him all of the answers and where to put them on the form. My dad didn’t know what he as filling out o signing.
    I immediately petitioned the court for guardianship for my dad. The court clerk allowed us to have an emergency hearing. My husband came with me along with the lawyer I hired to help with our nightmare. The lawyer that was representing my dad friend of Elaine’s requested a jury trial. The judge granted his request and also granted a request for a second opinion. The judge set the jury trial for the end of November, 2019. I continued to call my dad to talk to him, leaving messages etc. but none were returned. My dad has a cell phone called my mom on it occasionally but then that stopped after about 4 months. My sister gets calls from him often. I called and asked my dad if he was interested in coming to my mom’s for Thanksgiving and Christmas and he never returned my calls. The holidays were sad and horrible. My dad’s birthday is December 23 so we have always had an extended Christmas celebration and this year there wasn’t much to celebrate. I do have friends in the community that were aware of our situation and would update me on my dad, it helped a little to know he was still relatively healthy and going on outings.

    The jury trial that was scheduled in November was cancelled because the second opinion hadn’t be scheduled so it was rescheduled for February. The Neuropsychologist who was chosen to do it was Dr. Dorothy Kahler. Because of my work with homeless youth and foster care I knew she was a good choice.
    In February the lawyer chosen to represent my dad contacted my lawyer and asked if we could discuss the guardianship and possibly come to an agreement. They had received the evaluation from the Neuropsychologist and apparently it didn’t go the way he and elaine had hope it would.
    I met with my lawyer and the lawyer that is representing my dad and we discussed the issues. I brought up the Neuropsychologists diagnosis being consistent with the one the VA gave my dad and the lawyer, Dominic Andriacchi Jr. wouldn’t discuss it. I asked about seeing my dad and he said that my dad didn’t want any contact with his family, which is a lie because he calls my sister almost daily, and my mom on occasion. Although I think Elaine took my mom’s number out of my dad’s phone because she hasn’t had any calls from him in a few months. So I told Andriacchi that my sister and I want everything to be returned to the way it was before my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His accounts and all of his assets go back to my sister and me being the beneficiaries, his health care goes back to us. (My dad also has prostate cancer and hasn’t been to follow up appointments with the urologist that was taking care of him. He also has some serious dental issues that need to be consistently followed up with and I’m not sure if they have been or not.)If he is able he can stay at elaine’s house but they marriage will be dissolved. I don’t want her to benefit in any way from the death of my father. She was married twice before my dad and both of those men were left destroyed. The second husband ended up in prison for an incident that I don’t fully remember the details about but it had to do with a domestic incident with her. She owes over $300,000.00 dollars in federal and state taxes and probably has more unsecured debt as well.

    The quarantine started right after this meeting so little progress took place from February through May. During the quarantine one of my dad’s friends told me that he got a call from my dad asking for help to move back to his house. My dad told him that Elaine said he had to leave. My dad’s friend said the next morning my dad called him back and said he was allowed to stay at elaine’s. This worries me that she is manipulating him even more that I had originally thought.
    In May my lawyer gave me a proposal from the lawyer representing my dad. It was absurd and there wasn’t anything in it that addressed my dad’s care. It focused on his assets and that we agreed not to have contact with him. I told my lawyer there wasn’t anything in it that my dad would’ve requested. I know my dad didn’t have anything to do with what was written in it.

    A status conference was held earlier in July and my lawyer said he didn’t have much information. My lawyer now seems to be less interested in this case and not as much support as he originally was. The status conference was rescheduled for July 31, 2020. Here is the proposal from the lawyer that is representing my father:

    At this point, we will not agree that his daughters / ex-wife have medical decision making over Mr. LaBo anymore. Instead, Mr. LaBo wants medical decision-making in Elaine. He would also do a trust for most of his money but not all of it. Here is our counter-offer
    1. The current case get dismissed in its entirety;
    2. The daughters and ex-wife agree that Mr. LaBo has decision-making powers and is not mentally incapacitated as defined by Michigan statute at this time;
    3. Mr. LaBo may re-do his powers of attorney and give those powers to whomever he sees fit;
    4. The daughters and ex-wife agree that they will honor any/all of Mr. LaBo’s future powers of attorney, and they will not dispute them;
    5. The daughters and ex-wife will file no further guardianship proceedings
    6. In exchange, Mr. LaBo will place $350,000.00 into a revocable trust and the beneficiaries will be his daughters, and the funds will be distributed equally to the two of them upon his death;
    7. However, if the daughters or ex-wife challenge Mr. LaBo’s powers of attorney, file future guardianship proceedings, contest his will or trust, or otherwise try to interfere with Mr. LaBo’s testamentary capacity, medical or financial decision-making, Elaine’s ability to see Mr. LaBo, file referrals to Adult Protective Services, file guardianship or conservatorship proceedings, file proceedings for an involuntary hospitalization, or in any other way dispute, challenge, contest Mr. LaBo’s wishes, either before or after his death, then the daughters and ex-wife would forfeit their right to any part of Mr. LaBo’s assets, estate, trust proceeds, house(s), or any other real or personal property.

    Mr. LaBo also does not want to meet with his children given all that they have put him through.
    I would note that, even if we were to go to a jury trial and lose, Mr. LaBo will name Elaine to be his full guardian over all medical and financial decision-making. If that occurs, Judge Hill is required, by statute, to appoint her: “In appointing a guardian under [MCL 700.5313], the court shall appoint a person … in the following order of priority: (a) A person previously appointed, qualified, and serving in good standing as guardian for the legally incapacitated individual in another state. (b) A person the individual subject to the petition chooses to serve as guardian. © A person nominated as guardian in a durable power of attorney or other writing by the individual subject to the petition.” MCL 700.5313(2).

    As you can see by the word “shall,” Judge Hill has no discretion in the matter. Once that happens, your client will have no decision-making authority in any respect.

    Perhaps after having the chance to talk to your client, she understands that Elaine has not taken Mr. LaBo’s money, has never done that, will not in the future, and any debts that Elaine had are hers alone.

    This settlement offer expires at the start of the upcoming pretrial conference.

    I told my lawyer that we were absolutely not interested in any of that. This proposal states that my dad requested all of these things and I know for a fact that he didn’t. My dad often calls my sister and she says he asks about what I’m doing and other things about me. I know that Alzheimer’s disease can make him angry and change his personality I am able to work with that but I miss him and want to spend as much time as I can with him. He belongs with his family that knows him and what he would want if he wasn’t able to express his needs. My dad also doesn’t have the cognitive ability to make these requests. He gets easily frustrated and isn’t able to complete more than one simple task at a time.

    The counter offer that my lawyer and I came up with is as follows:

    Here is a counter-proposal.
    1. Mr. Labo and Elaine can be together
    2. A third party plenary guardian will be named
    3. Any POAs would not be needed so can be terminated
    4. Beneficiaries on life insurance policies would be as they were before Alzheimer. Any deeds etc. would remain as they were.
    My client is willing to have further discussions on this matter to seek a settlement.
    I just got a letter today, August 5, 2020 stating that we to a jury trial because the lawyer supposedly representing my dad didn’t accept the offer. The jury trial is set for October 26th and 27th. So more waiting.
    I’ve contacted The Alzheimer’s Association, The National Elder Abuse and financial fraud line and a lot of other places and all I get is that they are sorry that I’m going through this and I should contact Protective services, the police, etc. I explain that I have and haven’t gotten any help and they just keep saying “I’m very sorry.”
    I am sorry for the length and rambling nature of this letter; I tried to keep it short but there is so much to this and still so much I left out. I have copies of my dad’s medical records from the VA and every interaction with the VA including phone calls Elaine made to the Veteran’s crisis line that would completely uncalled for; she told the Crisis line operator that my dad had a cut lip when in actuality he had an in grown whisker. Elaine declared bankruptcy a few years ago and also owe over 300,000.00 in state and federal taxes. She is not a good person, no one who would keep a sick father away from his adult children is a good person.
    If there is anything you can do to help I would very much appreciate it! I want to see my dad living in a safe environment and be able to spend a little time with him before he completely forgets me.

    Terri Gillotte

    Terri shared a story:

    My elderly mother has been through hell. She became ill with pneumonia and ended up on a ventilator for eighteen months. While critically ill my brother crept into her hospital room with a Durable Power of Attorney document. Our life has bee very difficult since that time because he either completely restricts visitation or limits it to the point of one phone call a week. .She’s been in a facility over two years. We are not win Arizona and my brother lives 25 hours from here. I am staying here to visit her once a week at the window. Unfortunately, unless you are wealthy, it’s nearly impossible to fight. We’ve spent $12,500 on attorneys and accomplished nothing! Anyone have any ideas? Just want to visit my mother. My father passed away in the same facility and we were unable to visit him for three weeks prior. We learned he was on hospice and they said only the POA can visit in person due to COVID 19 precautions. They suggested we go and look in his window. He was not lucid. Finally, we go a hold of someone and they allowed us to see him for half an hour. He died half an hour after we left his side.. This is a terrible way to treat the elderly. It’s also extremely painful for the family. Why is this abuse allowed to continue?

    Melissa shared a story:

    2-15-2017 Dad was assaulted by a robber on his personal business. Mid day lunch hour. Dad was attacked with punches to the face immediately losing consciousness & hitting the concrete floor. Dad started reacting with convulsions and seizure like activity. Paramedics rushed Dad to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Brain bleed, brain hematoma. This causing a Severe TBI (traumatic brain injury). This caused Dad to be in a 1 month coma. Dad’s recovery has been an insanely long journey. Having to relearn everything. As of a rebirth of some sort. Breathing on his own, talking, eating, walking, sitting up, etc Post TBI has caused life long permanent damages to the brain. Dad now suffers from memory loss, memory issues in general, a form a dementia. Dad is no longer a business man. He is forever retired from it. The lack of cognitive functioning, the decrease in awareness, & critical thinking. He needs consistent brain therapy & guidance in everyday life. There are a lot of family dynamics in this story. Just 2 years after TBI, just 2 years into recovery, just 2 years into rehab, courts allow Dad to marry girlfriend. Prior to marriage, a settlement agreement was in place for adult children visitation rights. Now wife, manipulates the courts into thinking “guardianship” is no longer needed. Court approves, settlement agreement taken away, visits taken away. No more rules to follow. The isolation abuse goes into immediate affect. It became very difficult to visit Dad in any way possible. The image of villains have been place on the adult children. That the adult children are bad & stress Dad out. We visit Dad too much & it needs to be to a minimum. Dad has a phone but never ever calls adult children. When Dad is called, he never answers. 24hrs to a week then Dad returns a call that lasts 5-10Min. The case is ongoing, my family is suffering, my family needs a lot of help. We need help financially for our future attorney fees. Since day one we have been though many complications & have always been looked as if we are bad adult children. That we don’t what the best interest for our Dad. We want to feel he is still part of our lives after going through such a traumatic experience & his life changing forever. He is a vulnerable adult. #tbiadvocate #tbi_mja

    Rodrigo shared a story:

    On February7, 2007 my father Juan S. lopez did not come home. He was pronounced dead on February 8 ,2007. The death certificate states time of death February 8, 2008 at 7:35 am. 911 calls were made by my sister Isela Lopez at 620 am that our father was dead My Dad died 2/7/2007 ….. Mc Nerneys Mortuary handle the arrangements for the funeral. Isela had taken estimated 20000.$ in jewelry , cash , coin collection and several handguns from my dads safe that was at my moms home as well as on my fathers body at the time of his death. Isela in front of me paid cash to the man at the mortuary and he proceeded to put the cash in his pocket. This was odd because there was no receipt. And there was no break down of what was being paid for. By law it must be included before the purchases of service. This is where it all begins , later research shows the same mortuary handles similar deaths with similar theft. Isela left the family at 17 and would not speak to our father for 15 years . Maria and Juan had seven children , isela being the only daughter. When she return the rest of the family would all work at great jobs and assist isela in the raising of her children and putting her thru school where she would get a BA in paralegal studies. Because she worked as a paralegal at the time if our fathers death we felt that it would be best that she handle the legal issues of my fathers death(we the family and our mother maria) . Isela would petition to administer the estate in September and file for probate. We later found out in 2019 that isela had defrauded her mother of the property that was bought during the marriage of both our parents. Isela aligned her self with corrupt officers of the court . Judge A. Bobb who was in a controversial issues resulting in the death the placement of a young child. This was the same judge who handle our probate with only 2 signatures on only two orders . By the end of the probate my mom was to receive 17/21 parts of the estate and of over 200,000.00 that was not accounted for because isela had started to embezzle the funds . The other parts were 2/21 to Rodrigo lopez and 2/21 to Isela lopez. Isela would submit forged receipts of the court order distribution. We never saw any of the money. In 2017 after the death of my younger sibling my mom came and ask for help in selling the property in which my brother was living in. I told her its all your sell it. In 2016 i went to the LA county recorders office on August 23 . I called my older brother Jj to tell mom to call me theres a problem with the deeds but he called my sister isela and never my mom. My mom maria went to see an attorney that work 2 blocks from my sisters job. My mom was attempting to set up a living trust as she wanted to since my dads death. His name the attorney was Philip McCarthy esq , whos offfice is in San Pedro Ca. McCarthy would meet with my mom and ask to have isela come in, and she arrived with 15 mins in this meeting isela would describe me as a drug addict unstable individual. I held a job for 30 years with awards and letters of recommendation and i help raise her kids so hard to believe she would allow me near her kids when i took her in when she was homeless. Moving ahead in January of 2018 my mother and i had revamped the property she wanted to sell under agents recommendation to get more out of the property, now at Christmas 24-25 2017 isela would lash out at my mom for talking to me and for wanting to sell the property. The sale would buy a home and more income property in Utah for the youngest of 7 Miguel… the place that he was renting was being sold and he had no where to live with his wife. He live in Utah for 14 years And that was his life. Isela behind everyone’s back recorded 5 quit claim deeds that would leave my mom penniless and without a home. She recorded the deeds all on 12/28/2017 . These deed have a date of August 24 th 2016 sign by my mom a day after i we t to the county recorders office and saw the court order for the first time . Jj my older brother admitted to calling isela on the 24 th of August 2016. By January 16 or 2018 we began to receive notice that isela was the sole owner of all the properties. February 6 , 2018 we fill in unlimited civil court a complaint. We went thru 3 more firms all miss conducting themselves and leaving us in involuntary pro per . I went to the law library every day and found out that the judge MarK C Kim and the attorneys we filed all disregarded the law and violated my moms 14 th amendment rights and was not the right court for elder abuse complaint, we were deied every thing that was by law our rights and a non good faith settlement was fabricated and not enacted To this day my sister is the sole owner of all of my moms property and has been keeping me blackballed , Ive com to the conclusion that this is a multibillion dollar corruption/. Low estimates 2 million dollar estate times 10 families a year thats 20 million times 2 LA probate courts thats 40 million say theres 10 probates in California alone thats 400 million dollars These are low numbers imagine the amounts now across the country. Isela has the key to the city because i believe with out a doubt that judge A . K. bobb gave her a deal with life time police protection. Isela has broken the law and had me detained outside of my home as police searched my home without a warrant 2 twice . She has embezzled monies and no one will take a report. The accounts that should have been open in my dads name under the estate was opened In isela only private accounts. Which remains open and no subpoena has been file for this account which remains open. . THIS IS AMERICA

    Calle shared a story:

    Some years ago, my mother Ida suffered a stroke. She was 89 years old and a very active woman. She took walks every day, for at least half an hour, no matter the weather. She read books and recommended the ones she liked to her friends in the village. She went to the library and always borrowed two books at a time – one that she had by her bed and one that she kept in her purse, where she also had a crossword puzzle. If she went somewhere, she always brought her purse saying, “If I have to wait for someone it is not a big deal. I am in no hurry, and I have my book to read and a crossword puzzle to wrap my brain around. I have all I need”. Her greatest passion was music, which she had dedicated her life to – as much as she could. It would never go a day without her singing and playing piano. But her dream as a child was to become a teacher. She loved kids and she also fulfilled her dream becoming a primary school teacher. That was not only a job to her. That was who she was. If someone needed extra help, she was there. She never said, “My workday is over, so I won’t help you”. And when someone in the village needed help, she was there for them too. The door in our home was open for those in need, and there were some. She often visited those who were alone and the elderly in the nursing home. Until she was 80, she had a children’s choir that she used to bring to the nursing home to enlighten the day for those who lived there. She was also engaged in the church in different ways. She was an honest and devoted Christian with a strong faith, always caring for others. As part of this she was unhappy about the nursing home. The elder abuse was well known in the village, and among the few who questioned this was my mother. She raised her voice against this, and she also tried to make it more bearable for those who lived there by visiting them and bringing the kids and the music to them. But she asked us to promise her that she would never end up there, no matter what.

    Then came the day of her stroke. It was a serious stroke, but it was not life-threatening. It hit the left side of the brain, making her paralyzed on her right side and loosing most of her speech. She was placed under observation in an intensive care unit for two weeks. During this time, she received initial rehabilitation for half an hour at least once a day, sometimes twice. This was the best time of the day for her. She was looking forward to these sessions and she worked as hard as she could, like she always had done in her life. She was dedicated to get better. She also made progress during her time in the ICU. After her two weeks of observation she was told that she would go to a stroke rehab center, where she had a spot waiting. She was very much looking forward to this. But when the day came, and she was released from the ICU her biggest nightmare begun. She was transported to the nursing home she feared the most instead of to the stroke rehab center.

    When I found her in the nursing home, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was impossible to comprehend. Talking to the staff didn’t lead anywhere. They had every argument in the world to justify why they didn’t need to treat an old person as a human. All their focus was on themselves. Nothing on the people living there, the people they were supposed to care for. Their arguments could range from everything between “we can’t afford to give old people care, or we don’t have enough staff or resources” to arguments like “we don’t have to do this, or it is not my responsibility” and everything in between, which could include praise of themselves for taking care of elderly, a job no one else would want to do. It never occurred to them that elderly are humans, wonderful people, with feelings and needs like everyone else and a source of experience with many exciting stories to tell. Instead they continued to claim that they did an excellent job, and that they didn’t need to do more because “He wanted to die, he was only waiting for this” or “She had nothing to live for anymore” or “Should we take resources from someone who is younger to care for an older person, really?” or “He didn’t have much longer to live anyway” or “I don’t get enough paid for doing this”, etc etc. The list goes on with their arguments. And they used the argument which suited themselves the best at each time, with no empathy for the elderly and the suffering, traumas, or injuries this would cause them. My mother’s case was horrifying. I could not believe that a normal human being would be capable of treating someone like this. My mother was also a person who they knew well. A person who had been there for many of them when they were in need. But nothing affected them even a bit.

    So, I asked them to switch place with my mother. They scoffed and ridiculed this. I asked them to do one experiment and see if they were capable of doing this and if they honestly believed in their treatment of someone else. The experiment was putting one in the staff in my mother’s situation and then treat her the same way they were treating my mother.

    The experiment is described below.


    Let one in the staff switch position with my Mother for a day.

    My Mother suffered a stroke. She became paralyzed on her right side and she lost her speech. She was still able to communicate and show her feelings, needs, and wishes. But she was refused the rehabilitation she was promised. The rehabilitation she was planned for and entitled to. Rehabilitation that she desperately needed and wanted. Rehabilitation that would help her a lot. Instead she was placed at Levinsgården against her will, an elderly home that she feared and that she had asked us to never end up in. A place where they call their abuse “stroke rehabilitation”. But if they call this rehabilitation, why not try these methods on one in the staff. Maybe it is a bit drastic to give someone in the staff a real stroke, but at least we can make the situation similar in other ways and then try their own treatment to see what happens. Of course, it will not be as horrifying as a real stroke. But I am sure it will be horrifying enough. So, let’s get to the ultimate experiment. Select one person in the staff and get started:

    First make sure that she can’t move like Mom’s situation. This could be done by putting her into a straitjacket for the whole body so she can’t move even if she is trying to. She can’t even scratch herself if it is itching or change her position if something is hurting or cramping, like a person can’t when paralyzed after a real stroke. Now give her the treatment that my Mother receives. Lock her in alone into a room behind a soundproof door. Force her to be in bed. Keep it dark in the room with the blinds closed, even on a sunny day. Refuse to take her to the bathroom so she must do in her pants. Then when the day is over, do not let her out of the straitjacket. Don’t keep the promise and the agreement of helping her getting out of the straitjacket. Can you see the panic in her eyes now? She can’t get out of the straitjacket by herself. She is dependent on the people around her to help her out of this. Now talk above her head – not to her. Do not listen to what she says. If needed, put something in her mouth so she can’t talk. This may even make her choke easier, making it more like Mom’s situation, where she often chokes because of problems with swallowing after her stroke. Say above her head that they won’t help her out of her straitjacket even though they could. Some people may object to this treatment – even if it is done to a staff that treats Mom in this exact way and even if it does have a purpose. Even though it has a good purpose some people may still think that it is very cruel. So then make sure that the people that object to this treatment are locked out, harassed and refused to see her or help her. Also, threaten that they will treat her even worse if anyone objects to this treatment or tries to let anyone else know about it, just as they normally do at Levinsgården to quiet people who object or try to report abuse. Now see how many weeks it will take before the staff in the straitjacket becomes crazy. See if she is not suffering her heart out. See if this is not completely devastating for her body and mind. Should you not stop this experiment? Well, not yet. There are more things that need to be done. See if she survives if you give her Laktulos that produces gases. Gases that she can’t get rid of since she can’t move. Can anyone describe that extreme pain from gases she can’t release since she can’t move while being locked in alone in a soundproof room where no one comes when she screams and cries? Would she survive a night like this? If she did, wouldn’t she be both exhausted and horrified to death after that night? Wouldn’t she do anything to get out of that straitjacket? Wouldn’t she go crazy by treatment like this? If she is still not dead and she is still not apathetic, what else could they do to her? Well, like the treatment to my Mother they could drug her by giving her Imovane, Stesolid and Sobril to make her “manageable” and see if that wouldn’t take the life out of her. Then they could also refuse to take care of her teeth. That would hurt immensely after a very short time. How long before she goes crazy with tooth ache beyond anything she could ever imagine, while she still can’t move to get out of that pain or go to a dentist. Should the experiment go on? Yes, she is still alive. Is it strange that she is objecting and screaming? Is it strange that she is crying and screaming in greatest horror and panic? Is it strange that she hallucinates with fear in her eyes that cannot be described? However, she is still alive. What else can they do? They can keep her in bed on her back in a position so she almost can’t breathe trying to cough mucus out of her lungs. Then they can leave her alone locked into her room lying on her back when she is sick and throwing up all over her face – still unable to move, knowing that next time she throws up she will most likely suffocate in her own vomit. Now would she survive this? Would this make her fear unbearable?

    But they could also have done things differently. They could have comforted her when they put the straitjacket on, since it must have been a very horrifying experience to not be able to move – even for only one day. And if by some reason they couldn’t get the straitjacket off after one day, they could at least try as hard as they possibly could to help her out of this. They could call for experts that would help getting the straitjacket off. They could comfort her all the time, keeping her safe, listening to her needs, her fears and make her feel well – even due to the situation, how frightening it must be. They could be there for her. But that wouldn’t make sense. We are switching position with Mom, so she has to be treated like Mom.

    Levinsgården and the doctor in charge of this treatment, Dr. Mats Ullén, call this treatment “the best stroke rehabilitation in this country that Ida can get”. How did the staff that switched position with Mom do? Would she call this a great rehabilitation? Wouldn’t she be harmed seriously both physically and mentally? If there is any doubt, then we should try this experiment. It is the ultimate experiment. And to make it scientifically proven we need to take ten people from the staff to switch position with Mom.

    However, I don’t think we have to. This would be called torture and attempted murder even if the person didn’t have a stroke – maybe even murder if she dies by this treatment. And as everyone understand, this treatment is torture for anyone exposed to it – stroke victim or not – and it is a way to deliberately take someone’s life in the most horrifying, vicious and appalling way…
    So, I don’t think that we have to do the ultimate experiment to understand this.

    But to be sure that Levinsgården and Mats Ullén is not right, let’s do the experiment. The people to test this on are of course the people that believe in this treatment, Dr Mats Ullén and the staff at Levinsgården. Let’s get started. Who is willing to switch with Mom?

    The experiment was never carried out as you can imagine, and that was never my intention. I wanted the staff to stop for a moment and think for just a second about how surreal and insane their behavior was. An old person is still a person. They knew that they would end up in prison if they did the same to a healthy young person. They knew that it would be plain torture and murder. They knew it would be unbearable trauma and suffering for their coworker if they put her in this situation. They would never do that. But they had no problem treating an old person, with a stroke injury unable to defend herself, in this way. The abuse continued in the same way and even worse. Words cannot describe how my mother suffered. It is a horror story beyond words. No one of us can comprehend this. Even if we read this whole thing a second time and really try to put ourselves into her situation, we will never even get close to understand her suffering. A look in her eyes was enough to realize this. My mother lost the rest of her speech soon after she arrived in the nursing home. Nothing of this bothered the staff. My mother ended up in the place she feared the most and she was unable to escape her abusers by herself.

    Most everyone in the village had a relationship to my mother, when she had been there for them in one way or another. She always found reasons to help others in need. But when she needed help herself, no one was there for her.

    The staff never found a reason to treat my mother humanely, except for when there was an inspection. I and my mother had to put our hopes to the authorities and the laws that should protect her. So, I reported everything, and I documented everything in detail. Despite the ferocious situation my mother was in, she was still grateful for every report I filed and for every person I talked to. She was grateful to everyone who engaged in helping her. She never gave up. Until the last day she was hopeful she would get out of there. But that day never came.

    My mother lost her life due to the abuse she was facing. Her life ended in the most atrocious way on a Thursday afternoon. When she called for help, they instead closed the soundproofed door to her room and left her there. This time she didn’t make it…

    The rest of this story is found on her website:

    Joyce shared a story:

    My mother was medically kidnapped, taken prisoner, forced and drugged (against her will and against her families wishes) to a nursing home 210 miles from her home, all because I (as POA) refused to put her in a nursing home, list her as DNR and put her on hospice when asked to by hospital staff. My mother wanted to live! She just was named Ms. Congeniality at the National Ms. Super Senior Pageant in Las Vegas a month earlier. No way was she ready to die! So the Social Worker went over my head and got an emergency guardianship to do just what they wanted! At the nursing home, she was not allowed a phone, not allowed to sit on a toilet (forced to only use a bedpan for months), given only day old food and not allowed outside. Within three weeks she developed pneumonia, a staph infection, septic blood, a urinary infection, bed sores, bumps and bruises and a fever of 102! She had never had any of these things before, so I called Adult Protection three times and got three letters back from Social Services saying “We decided NOT TO INVESTIGATE.” The ombudsman also refused to investigate! She was discharged from the hospital on a clean bill of health and the nursing home was killing her! Nonetheless, they had to take her to the hospital (as she was not DNR at that time) and she fought and survived all that! Only to be forced back to that same nursing home and be forced into hospice (with no terminal illness) by the nursing home doctor and drugged to death by the hospice nurse! She was refused medical attention (when the drugs were making her so sick) by the Probate Court appointed evil and greedy guardian and demonic hospice nurse. When she stopped breathing, I called 911! They came and resuscitated her, but the paramedic said the ER doctor refused to take her in because her pulse was too weak! So they walked away and let her die! How can anyone be such MONSTERS?!!!!

    I started a Foundation in her honor the

    Ron shared a story:

    Widowed mother medically kidnapped to nursing home despite advanced directives by our State. State appointed criminal drug addict prostitutes who admitted to Domestic violence and Child Abuse to care for them alone in our home. Dad’s body taken for an Autopsy for suspected abuse. State conservator spends IRA life savings of $500,000 in 18 months, then needs more cash and gets an order to sell her home to make sure he has cash to keep billing against. Denies money to mom for outside food even a birthday cake for her 85th birthday. Allowed no money for her to give Christmas gifts to the few good CNAs. State put her in one of the most dangerous (as shown by subpoenaed documents released by Medicaid) and lowest government Medicaid rating 1 star. SAME FACILITY WERE TWO NURSES ARE IN JAIL FOR MURDER OF A PATIENT! FACILITY UNDER SAME MANAGMENT CAUGHT ON HIDDEN VIDEO CAMERA HERE;

    Full Family Story

    Barbara a miller don miller shared a story:

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David shared a story:

    Case # 2017PR30772
    Estate Value $4,300,000.00
    Attorney Fees 40,000.00
    Liquidated, 13480 W Ohio Ave Lakewood Covalued at $600,000.00 80228, 2774 w 1st Ave Denver Co 80219 Valued at $320,000.00
    $70,000.00 Home Equity Line Of Credit, $20,000.00 Personal Line Of Credit
    $324,000.00 of Rental Income
    Jewelry, Personal Computers, 3 Flat Screen TV , Laptop Computers , $2000 Mercury marquis, all Personal items Thrown away
    WHATS LEFT, 1720 Manhattan Ave Hermosa Beach California Duplex $2,500,000.00
    4047 Morrison Rd Denver Co , 80219 Valued at $336,000, Sharon Wells is left with the Shirt on her back, DHS and Mcminimee Sold anything worth of Value
    Sharon Marie Wells Under Gaurdianship
    Mark Wells was Evicted From Property Failure to Rent , Collecting Insurance Checks Under Sharon Wells Name and Failure to do the Repairs on the Rental Property , in the eviction Mark Wells knew there was a power of attorney, went to a different Jurisdiction and Claimed The Power Of Attorney was Forged
    Also Laura Wells Was Duped By Mark Wells making her believe the power of attorney was Forged

    Denver District Judge Elizabeth Leith
    Melissa Shwarts, Attorney for Marcie Mcminimee
    David Bernhart Attorney For DDHS APS
    Michelle Montoya , DDHS Case Worker
    Ellen Floyd court appointed Attorney for Sharon Wells
    Ayo Labode GAL
    Marcie Mcminimee Conservator
    Dr John Dickie Court appointed Shrink psychiatrist,
    Human Network systems Guardians
    Jennifer Pagano, Gordon Wolf , Christen Reinfrath

    Sharon Wells has Been isolated over 3 years, over Medicated, and displaced all family members, simply Sharon wells is getting Robbed Blind
    4 Weeks in a row Sharon Wells has Conjunctivitis “Pink Eye” The Facility Sharon Wells is in Balfour in Stapleton has Failed to give Sharon Wells proper medical care , and Sharon Wells Still has Pink Eye
    APS is involved Denver County
    Receiving Money From Accross State Lines , the Conservator has Lowered The Rents In California, Rent Should be $6,000 a month for the Duplex , The Conservator has lowered the beach front property to $4,200 a month , and Lowered the Denver apartment complex Rent to $1700 a month, before the Conservator took over Rent at 4047 Morrison Rd Denver Co was at $2200 a month,

    The Reporting Party knew there was a Power Of Attorney, the Reporting Party was evicted From 13480 W Ohio Ave , Mark Wells made false Claim to the Denver Police Dept That The Power Of Attorney was Forged , Greg and Dave wells was arrested under a False Claim , David & Greg Wells Faced 5 Felony Charges from the False Claim Of The POA, In the Preliminary Hearing The POA was Deemed Valid By Denver District Judge Johnny Barajas, the lower court Could only Address 2 of the Charges , and was Bound over to the trial Court , 1 year Later All Charges Against David & Greg Wells was Dropped , Marci Mcminimee Used the Criminal Charges Against us to gain control over Sharon Wells, Before they were appointed Conservator, No Due Process Of Law, violation of there Oath of Office, Marci Mcminimee Sold the Property at 13480 w Ohio AVE , for $295,000.00 $300,000.00 Under Market Value , Then Continued To Sell another piece of property at arbitrary Price Of $275,000.00 Before Marci Mcminimee was appointed to Conservator Of Sharon Wells Estate
    The Guardians were living with Sharon Wells at 2774 w 1st ave , they Started the Swamp Cooler to keep cool in the Summer , then forgot to winterize the house in November, which created a flood, they Charged Sharon wells $35,000.00 to clean up there own Mess they Created for failure to turn off the water in the winter on the Swamp Cooler ,

    Marci Mcminimee is paying herself $100,000.00 per year to handle Sharon Wells Financial affairs , and then Charging Sharon Wells another $14,000 a month for Sharon Wells Care through Human Network Systems the average in Colorado is $6000.00 a month for Full Memory Care

    Patricia shared a story:

    Also I need help with how do I still help my daughter on drugs when all she wants from me is rides and money, I say no to money she wants nothing to do with me, but I have learned to not give her any money and now ride’s but I’m so worried about her sickness plus her being homeless and selling her body for drugs and whatever she needs probably being human traffied as well. I’m a mess need answer s on what to do about all this.

    Patricia shared a story:

    Also I need help with how do I still help my daughter on drugs when all she wants from me is rides and money, I say no to money she wants nothing to do with me, but I have learned to not give her any money and now ride’s but I’m so worried about her sickness plus her being homeless and selling her body for drugs and whatever she needs probably being human traffied as well. I’m a mess need answer s on what to do about all this.

    Patricia shared a story:

    Hi, I’m here in Columbus Ohio , I have a daughter that is 28 very very hooked on drugs, IV use any DRUGS she will shoot up, my daughter found out about 1month ago she has a life-threatening blood disease its called spetic bacteria on her heart she has from it, she has bacteria sitting on her heart valve and they need her to stay in the hospital and get IV antibiotics only way to help remove it off there , and l also now they found bacteria on her hips very went in and pulled the fluid from there but they had to do surgery there also , my daughter starts feeling lil better and leave’s the hospital due to the withdrawal s from all the drugs she is on, I’ve clean and crying I’ve tried everything to have them keep her in any way shape or form she’s not in the right mind I told them this she don’t care if she lives or dies she’s told me I told this to the hospital’s multiple hospitals cuz she’s going in and out of different ones , because one hospital called for security and police officers to check her room for drugs can they feel she was doing fentanyl in the room hospital , never found any so nothing was done.. The DRUGS has taken over my daughter and I told the doctor she isn’t the daughter I’ve known and love and also she has always been a compulsive liar her whole life before drugs and now it’s even worse if she can convince anyone of anything , I believe in the last couple of months she shot up and it has done something to her mental health , as well she has been to a few places for mental health before this blood disease , she is such a great liar they released her after 7 days,, in and out of the rehab centers for DRUGS because also she had her baby girl taken after a safety plan was made she was found still to be unfit to have her child, my sister has custody and my daughter has been struggling since they took her baby as well baby was found with drugs when was born. I need help on how to keep my daughter in the hospital because she won’t stay , due to how bad the withdrawal is . Please someone help me with how to keep her in and save her life, doctor’s said if she leaves she will die without her IV antibiotics and then open heart surgery in 8 weeks , How do I get the right to make her stay, doctor’s tell me it’s up to her I have no control over it, even if she is saying she don’t care to live or die.. if anyone knows what I can do please help me, she has a baby girl to live for she is on 14 months and Love’s her mommy when my daughter is not out on drugs and was being supervised by child services .. please help save her ..