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  • 1 to 2 million Americans age 65+ report having been abused by a loved one or someone they depend on for care.
  • Only 1 in 14 incidents of elder abuse are ever reported to authorities.
  • Only 1 in 25 cases of financial exploitation are ever reported, meaning there may be at least 5 million financial abuse victims each year.

You can do your part to end the silent epidemic of elder abuse by taking the pledge to stand up against elder abuse. There are 10,000 people who are turning 65 each and every day (Pew Research Center), and we are rapidly approaching a time where nearly 50% of the population will be 65 or older. Together, we can end the silence of elder abuse by standing united and raising our voices against this growing problem. 

Show your support in this movement, by pledging to end the silence, raising awareness in your community, and speaking up against elder abuse.


"Kerri Kasem is working to honor our elderly. . by God it is very important and obligation to dignify our eldery...Freedom from isolation. Go Kerri Kasem. Thank you." V. Amaral

"Without stimulation and love, people die." THANKS for pointing out that isolation is elder abuse." S. White

"I can't thank you enough for starting this conversation. Your dad would be so proud. He is smiling watching you change such an important part of wishes that I am sure were already planned. It breaks my heart for all the pain you endure to get something that should not even be a fight. You are inspirational and have helped me keep my head on straight knowing how hard you are working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." R. Bove

"You are amazing! Keep up the fight for all those that can't." S. Benton


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  • Sonia Sciurba
    signed 2017-08-18 13:15:56 -0700
  • Peggy Gunderson
    signed 2017-08-04 09:15:03 -0700
    Pledging so my cousins can see their brother, the first case filed under ’Casey’s Law’ in Wisconsin.
  • Fidel Terrones
    signed 2017-08-03 21:41:42 -0700
  • catherine s
    signed via 2017-07-20 21:12:05 -0700
    catherine sevek
  • Barbara Chappell
    signed 2017-06-23 13:05:55 -0700
    My siblings and I are in the process of filing for Guardianship over our father. It is indeed the most difficult and saddest decision we have ever made and it breaks our hearts.
  • Scott Snider
    signed 2017-06-11 13:11:07 -0700
  • Scott Snider
    signed 2017-06-11 13:07:02 -0700
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to help. Too many people are unaware of the problem, or just ignore it completely. Something has to be done to protect our wonderful elderly population.
  • Bonni Snider
    signed 2017-06-10 21:49:30 -0700
    Enjoyed your speech and meeting you. Your father was a true icon and your fight for elder rights is to be applauded.
  • Clara Turner
    signed 2017-05-22 14:55:06 -0700
  • Mare Scott
    signed 2017-05-18 10:42:28 -0700
    I think me and my sister may be in the beginning of this kind of situation
  • Robyn Peterson
    signed 2017-05-04 14:02:41 -0700
    My uncles new wife won’t let his family see or talk to him. It breaks my heart knowing he will die alone. His wife is a RN. Worked at the VA hospital. My uncle is a veteran. She would tell me how sad it was that her patients had no family. Now my uncle sit alone everyday because she lied to him about his family. Some people will do anything for money. What she is doing is mental abuse.
  • Charlie Turner-Gasper
    signed 2017-05-04 07:27:56 -0700
    Charlie Turner I’m going through the same thing with my Dad’s wife. My Dad is at end of life with cancer. She has disconnected his phone and has him “hidden” somewhere to where we are unable to find him. I want to help fight for my Dad and other’s like him. How can I help? What can I do?
  • stana allen
    signed 2017-04-27 21:30:32 -0700
  • Tiffany Simmons
    signed 2017-04-27 12:15:02 -0700
    My step mother is abusing my father who has Alzheimer’s. She has moved him from facility to facility and wouldn’t tell me where he was for 2 months! When I finally found out where he was, she had the doctor’s sedate him to the point that he can’t even open his eyes! Now she says Hospice will only allow visitors for 5-10 minutes. I live 3 hours away. She has done everything she can to alienate him from everyone but her. It is frustrating and very heart breaking! I was told by Hospice that I have no legal rights unless I take her to court. He may pass before I can get anything done. I appreciate the work Kasem Cares is doing to STOP the abuse!
  • Helena Talman
    signed 2017-04-26 13:57:31 -0700
  • lynn sayler
    signed 2017-04-25 04:46:57 -0700
    Keep it up! We need this passed all over the USA! but especially in FLORIDA!!
  • Cathy Colbert
    signed 2017-04-24 21:01:44 -0700
  • Tila Lints
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-24 15:54:24 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • Tila Lints
    signed 2017-04-24 15:53:52 -0700
  • Chris Kelly
    signed 2017-04-24 13:12:02 -0700
  • JoAnn Neurath
    signed 2017-04-24 12:08:48 -0700
  • Jeanine Chambers
    signed 2017-04-24 10:21:09 -0700
    Please continue to fight for our elders! They are our true National Treasures. I took the #KasemCares pledge in honor of all those who silently suffered years of emotional, physical, financial and mental abuse. Thank you Kelly Rooney and Kerri Kasem for speaking out!
  • John Bennett
    signed 2017-04-24 10:03:20 -0700
  • Heather Rankin
    signed 2017-04-24 08:09:29 -0700
    We have a dear friend that his daughter has cut him off from all of his friends. She has told us we can’t write, visit or call him. She had a doctor drug him to get him to leave his home in Searcy, Arkansas to take him to Dallas Texas. Is there anything we can do to help him as a friend?
  • Leona Marie DeHoyos Lowther
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-24 06:58:26 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • Leona Marie DeHoyos Lowther
    @carolinamom71 tweeted link to this page. 2017-04-24 06:58:23 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares http://www.kasemcares.org/take_the_pledge?recruiter_id=13481
  • Leona Lowther
    signed 2017-04-24 06:57:03 -0700
  • Laura Painter-Bess
    signed 2017-04-24 05:58:23 -0700
  • Darlene Sahlin
    signed 2017-04-24 05:44:45 -0700
  • Milena Matic
    signed 2017-04-23 22:51:41 -0700

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